I remember meeting Yvonne when I was at the age of 18. She was conducting an activity called perseverance push, an activity that reinforces us to physically push our cognitive boundary despite the undesired, negative voices given by our thoughts. I was fortunate to have Yvonne in my group at that point in time to facilitate the activity. I didn’t only feel the acquired skills she professionally carried out for the activity but also her presence of genuineness, assurance and eye contact that brought about the relational connection between us.

This made me desire more to push further no matter how many times I cried and fell on the ground, thinking about my painful past and circumstances. This activity then became a symbolical, meaningful moment that would now stuck throughout my life, a reminder to never give up and forget where I came from.

Thank you Yvonne The impact you created on my life was astonishing, and I believe that one moment – from many years ago – brought us together as friends and aided me to where I am today.