Enjoy a meaningful self renewal break.

Are you taking a gap year from studies or keen to take a career break? Are you exploring a unique graduation trip? Are you planning a sabbatical break from work? Are you in need of some renewal after some significant events?

Soul Journey will bring you on a 5 – 10 day sojourn adventure into Mother Nature. Integrate new self-discovery learning into your city life, drawing upon this experience to enter a greater phase of your life. With half of this programme carried out in a national park, you will be equipped with skills to reconnect with your mind and soul. It will be an opportunity to internalise past and present experiences, and to let go of all your successes and/or failures. Renew yourself for a start of a new chapter.

Regardless of your purpose for the adventure, Soul Journey will empower you with a renewed identity, connection to your passion, and excitement to pursue the life you desire.

Recommendation(s) for Maximum Effectiveness:
• Suggested Age Range: ≥ 18 years old

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This made me desire more to push further no matter how many times I cried and fell on the ground. 

Lau Hwei Gary
Founder, Happy Children Happy Future

I realised that I was not as helpless as I thought and that I could choose how I wanted to respond.

Jeric Yim
NUS Social Work Student

Mentoring by Yvonne greatly contributed to my recovery from depression and to find meaning in my life.

Cornelia Hendrawan
Vision Achiever

Under the mentorship of Yvonne, I have grown to understand and appreciate more of myself everyday.

Ng Jin Ru
Aspiring Perfumer