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Deep Conversation with Social Distancing
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Every Tue, 05:00PM (Singapore)
28 Apr, 5 May, 12 May, 19 May, 26 May
(You can register once and choose one or more sessions to attend)

Do you:
– Look for connection and interaction with others?
– Would like to be a listening ear to someone else?
– Would be grateful to have a listening ear?
– Want to make sense of the experiences built up within you during this stay home period?
– Curious about how to hold deep conversation while physically apart?

Join me and be surprised by how much can be shared and how fast connection can be built.

Communication that Connects
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Sat, 2 May, 02:00PM (Singapore)
Mon, 18 May, 05:00PM

Do you:
– Want to communicate with your love ones more effectively?
– Want to understand others deeper?
– Would like to encourage a culture of responsibility and empathy?
– Like to have a breakthrough and have less people telling you “no” or “I don’t understand you”?
– Curious about a non-violent way of communication?

Join me (together with your love ones) and explore an empathetic and non-violent way of communication. End the session with some tools to create more peace and understanding within the family and community.

Search for Joy and Excitement
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Mon, 11 May, 07:30PM (Singapore)
Wed, 27 May, 07:30PM

Do you:
– Want some guidance on what’s the next step forward?
– Feel lost about what’s the best option to choose?
– Wonder how to truly feel joy and excitement, instead of just getting high or thrilled?
– Want to know how to have a conversation with your love ones about your feelings, thoughts and choices?

Join me and begin your journey towards a JOYFUL, EXCITING and MOVING way of life from the comforts of your home. Here is a chance to experience JOY and EXCITEMENT.

Recommendation(s) for Maximum Effectiveness:
• Suggested Age Range: ≥ 13 years old

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This made me desire more to push further no matter how many times I cried and fell on the ground. 

Lau Hwei Gary
Founder, Happy Children Happy Future

I realised that I was not as helpless as I thought and that I could choose how I wanted to respond.

Jeric Yim
NUS Social Work Student

Mentoring by Yvonne greatly contributed to my recovery from depression and to find meaning in my life.

Cornelia Hendrawan
Vision Achiever

Under the mentorship of Yvonne, I have grown to understand and appreciate more of myself everyday.

Ng Jin Ru
Aspiring Perfumer