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Are you lacking the self-discipline to follow through your commitment? Are you looking for a source of support or challenge? Are you exploring ways to seek constant growth? Are you eager to take your life to the next level?

Allow our mentors to cultivate a framework that will be integrated into the way you think, feel and act. Over a duration of 3 months with JEM Mentoring, you will develop an effective habit of balancing between creating results and taking care of your emotional health. To get the most out of this experience, you will be stretched beyond your comfort zone and embark on outrageous risk taking.

Share your goals and desires with us. The 3 months of JEM Mentoring will support you in solidifying your beliefs and enable you to take effective actions to actualise your desired outcomes.

Recommendation(s) for Maximum Effectiveness:
• Suggested Age Range: ≥ 15 years old

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Not Convinced? See what people say about us!

This made me desire more to push further no matter how many times I cried and fell on the ground. 

Lau Hwei Gary
Founder, Happy Children Happy Future

I realised that I was not as helpless as I thought and that I could choose how I wanted to respond.

Jeric Yim
NUS Social Work Student

Mentoring by Yvonne greatly contributed to my recovery from depression and to find meaning in my life.

Cornelia Hendrawan
Vision Achiever

Under the mentorship of Yvonne, I have grown to understand and appreciate more of myself everyday.

Ng Jin Ru
Aspiring Perfumer