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Victor of Life

3-day immersion to experience and reconnect with lasting joy and excitement

Best in Me

4-day immersion to seek a deeper understanding of self

Soul Journey

3-6 days overseas-based stay in Mother Nature to renew your mind and soul

JEM Mentoring

3 months of mentoring to receive support, clarity, and growth

JEM Webinar

2-hours online experiential webinars to learn from the comforts of your home

JEM is a self-mastery and mental wellness initiative.

We believe that everyone deserves to live a JOYFUL, EXCITING, and MOVING way of life.

Everyone to believe in ourselves and strive for whatever is important; because we are good enough, we can and we care.”

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Success Stories

What People Say About Us
Cornelia Hendrawan

Cornelia Hendrawan

Vision Achiever

"The uniquely designed activities enabled me to recognise the trends of thoughts driving my actions.I have been able to consciously choose to do things differently ever since."

Lau Hwei Gary

Lau Hwei Gary

Founder, Happy Children Happy Future

"Since attending the programme, it has become symbolic as a reminder to never give up and forget where I came from."

Mok Zhuang Siew

Mok Zhuang Siew

Motivated Inspiring Learner

"Yvonne has made me realise that I have the strength to help people grow, to be clearer on their goals, find their own answers and impact them in other aspects."


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NLP Reframing

Looking at the image above, what are your thoughts? – “Omg! He is so violent.” – “How can he hit the kid so forcefully.” – “It is not right to be using force or violent.” Read more…

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